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One Man's Dream becomes a Reality

Born in 1948 to a grassroots, hard working mother and father in Hayward, California, it's hard to imagine that "Big" Ed Wagner, Proprietor and Owner of Barnello Vineyards, would someday make his way to the fertile Willamette Valley to start one of the most formidable, locally run, estate-bottled, small wineries in Oregon.  However, from sweeping the floors of a machine shop as a boy to the echoing warehouses where he managed operations for companies throughout the Pacific Northwest, it’s been obvious to anyone who knows him that he never shies from getting his hands dirty.

Come join our family on the Wagner Estate and learn all about the hands on process of wine making from a small, local Vineyard.

Barnello's Story

After years of making his own wine from locally sourced grapes for friends and family to enjoy, Big Ed decided to put to use the 8 acres of rich farm land he'd owned in the Willamette Valley since the early 90's and planted his own vineyard in 2014.  With hundreds of post holes dug, thousands of feet of wire laid and the unused barn on the property outfitted and insulated for proper fermentation, the Pinot Noir's and Chardonnay's were planted with the upmost care.

Two and a half years later, standing in the cement basement of the big red barn, surrounded by excited friends and family, Big Ed uncorked the first bottle of Pinot Noir and poured everyone a glass of the flavorful and rich first harvest.

When asked what he was going to name his wine, Big Ed didn't hesitate with an answer:  Barnello, after the converted barn that served as the tasting, cellar and storage rooms.

Spotlight Members of the Barnello Team

Hundreds of people have been involved in the success and growth of Barnello through the years but none have been more instrumental than the original founders, Big Ed and Christina Wagner.  Here you'll find inspirational quotes from the two of them as well as a monthly spotlight focusing on friends and family involved in our success.

Big Ed Wagner

Founder & CEO

What can we say about the big guy except for we love him?  The hardest worker you'll ever meet, the only thing bigger than his work ethic is his heart.

Christina Wagner

Founder & President

Master paella maker and overall leader of this motley Wagner family, Christina keeps a smile on her face even after years of dealing with her sometimes, ahem, weird family.

Little A


The master of the riding lawn mower, champion of all livings things large and small, Little A is not only the CFO but also the head apple picker, chicken wrangler and praying mantis catcher.

The Perfect Wine for all Seasons

Whether it's a cold night bundled up by the fire, at a wedding with family and friends or an evening in with your significant other,  Barnello is the perfect wine to accompany any occasion.