Wine Wine everywhere but not a drop to drink!

How much wine should I drink in a day?

Well, I guess that depends on how big you are...

How much wine does it take to make one bottle?

Now there's a good question!  Depending on the Brix content (the amount of sugar the grapes have right before they're picked from the vine) both the Pinots and the Chardonnay's need about 2.6 lbs to make a bottle.  a good Brix for Pinot's floats somewhere around 24% while Chardonnay's are around 23%.  The lower the if the Brix is low than sugar needs to be added so less grapes makes more wine.  Luckily Barnello Vineyards doesn't need to add any additional sugar as our Brix content is pretty consistently where we want it every year.

Do you use real Cobra in your Cobra Wine?

What kind of a crazy question is that?  Of course we use real Cobra in our Cobra wine!